My Team: 8U-A 2018

Who let the dogs out? Shane Sowa, that’s who. The fiery 1st base coach is now in his 2nd full year with the Warriors. Get your camera ready when the Warriors are up to bat and focus in on the coach’s box for Shane’s sensational dance moves that are sure to go viral.

The flexibility Shane demonstrates in the coach’s box is nothing compared to his high school years he spent as the starting Varsity catcher for the Kenwood Bluebirds. His cat-like reflexes are estimated to have saved 328 runs, which contributed significantly to his 17.5 WAR (estimated) in his final two seasons. Throwing out just under two out of every three (63.36%) would-be base stealers, Shane quickly earned the nickname “Run Sowa Fast Or He’ll Throw You Out.”

Shane negotiated the diamond much like he did the classroom. As Senior Class Treasurer, he negotiated a peace treaty between his fellow student protestors and school administration. During the tense protest, Shane used his wit and charm to bring his school community back to the negotiating room. He is quoted, by a reputable source (Mary Maushard, Baltimore Sun Staff Writer), as saying “There will be no suspensions, no nothing, we’ve been assured,” followed by “Everybody, listen, if I can get a meeting in the gym, can I have your promise that it will be an organized meeting, not a rampage?” and it worked. Cool. Calm. Collected.